Buy One Get One Free Ski Equipment


For July only - each ski or boot you hire through us we'll give you another one for free.

Whether you book accommodation only or a full package with flights, transfers and lift passes, you'll still get buy one get one free on your equipment.

As is the case with every buy one, get one free we've ever come across, you'll get the least expensive equipment free.

- ANY date
- ANY duration
- ANY location on our programme - WORLDWIDE

This is valid for new bookings only.

Which equipment is right for you?

For the vast majority of the hire shops we use, we have three levels of equipment.

- Standard
- Intermediate
- Advanced

We normally skip the most basic ski, as in all honesty you're not going to get anywhere with a ten-year-old battered and blunted ski that was beyond basic to begin with. So our standard isn't the entry level ski, it's the ski that we recommend for learning and getting to grips with the mountain on.

Standard skis are great to progress on. You won't get much of a choice in the hire shop but they'll be safe, well looked after and easy to use, allowing you to explore the mountain at your own pace.

Intermediate skis tend to be higher performance skis, they may not be this season's models but they'll allow you to take full advantage of the slopes. You'll have more confidence in your skis when you're carving down the mountain and therefore it's more fun.

Advanced skis are the newest, high-performance equipment each season. You'll generally get more of a choice in the type of skis you want. In most shops, you'll be able to swap your skis throughout your stay. If there's heavy snowfall one night and you fancy doing an off-piste course then you can pop into the shop and swap your piste skis for some fat powder skis that'll have you surfing the powder all day long.

If you're a keen skier it may make sense to buy your own boots, purely for comfort reasons. However, if you only ski once or twice a year it probably doesn't make a lot of sense to invest some serious money in a swanky pair of skis when you can rent the newest equipment each time you go away and not have to worry about its maintenance.

July is the perfect time to upgrade your normal skis with buy one, get one free ski equipment in every hire shop, in every resort, in every country we feature on our programme. Upgrade or just grab a bargain you'll still be on the mountain. Renting advanced skis is a good way to try out this season's shapes and styles, we'd put money on the fact that you'll feel the difference and like it.

Get in touch on 0208 939 0862 to speak to one of our ski specialists or alternatively enquire online to find out more on any of our offers and packages.

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