The Best Mountain Restaurants In Meribel

We've put together a list of our top four Meribel mountain restaurants to help you make the most of Meribel’s slope-side food scene. These ski in, ski out lunch spots are sure to impress. 

As a dedicated member of the long lunch club, it’s fair to say that skiing holidays (for me) often revolve around eating opportunities. The good news is that Meribel’s mountain restaurants certainly deliver. There’s no better feeling than loosening your ski boots, settling yourself on a seat with a view, and rewarding yourself with a glass of red and a tartiflette as you swap stories of your adventures on the slopes. 

We want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your trip - no matter what the weather might be doing - so, whether you’re looking for a terrace with a view or a cosy cabin in the woods, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our guide to the best places to chow down on the slopes in Meribel.

1. Le Clos Bernard

📷 @eline_lg

📷 @eline_lg

Favourite of Made in Chelsea stars Ollie Locke and Binky Felstead, this hidden woodland haven makes the perfect pitstop. With the added fun of a signposted ski through the trees to get there - or a horse-drawn sleigh ride from Altiport - you’re sure to fall in love with this restaurant. Le Clos Bernard’s terrace is perfect for sunny lunches, while their menu of chargrilled meats, charcuterie, and classic, cheese-based fare is sure to satisfy your post-skiing cravings. This is definitely a book-in-advance kind of place though, so make sure you’ve planned things out before dropping in. 

The service is slightly patchy but the food is well worth the wait and the atmosphere alone provides enough reason to visit. Just make sure you’ve carefully consulted the piste map on departure from Le Clos Bernard, otherwise, you might find you’ve accidentally skied through the forest and onto the main road. Trust me, having to hitchhike back to the nearest slope as you curse the injustice of missing the last chairlift up to Folie Douce is not the perfect end to a ski day.

2. La Fruitiere

📷 @cherepanovaolga

📷 @cherepanovaolga

Meribel’s Folie Douce is legendary for its prime partying location, situated at the mid-station of Saulire cable car. While a civilised lunch isn’t the first image that springs to mind when you utter the words ‘Folie Douce’ their La Fruitiere restaurant proves us all wrong. Before the tables transform into makeshift dance podiums they’re decked out with table runners, glassware, and proper linen napkins. They’ve made service a priority, both outside on their panoramic outdoor terrace and in their stylish indoor space. 

However, that’s not to say that this lunch spot is all work and no play, because diners at La Fruitiere get the added benefit of a lunchtime cabaret. You’ll certainly have plenty to talk about as the leather-clad warm-up acts set the scene for après ski. Don’t be surprised though if, once you’ve polished off your duck breast shepherd’s pie, the ice-cold bottles of rosé and the temptation of a little table dancing puts the breaks on your afternoon skiing plans. 

3. Le Monchu

📷 @leanne.ralph

📷 @leanne.ralph

An ideal choice for bluebird days, Le Monchu can be found on Meribel’s gentle Rhodos piste. There’s plenty to choose from here, with both an upmarket bistro menu and a light bites selection featuring child-friendly pizzas, burgers, and croques. We’d highly recommend Le Monchu’s (significantly more affordable) ‘Le Casier du Monchu’ menu. Their efficient service and large, outdoor terrace offer the perfect solution for those of you looking for a simple meal in the sunshine. 

Having visited Le Monchu on one of my first ever ski trips, I certainly appreciated the comforting sugar rush provided by their brioche french toast after a hair-raising morning at ski school. Stop in with your kids after they’ve conquered their first green and we promise they’ll forget all about that embarrassing, face-first wipeout.

4. Le Panoramic

📷 @theflavourstyle

📷 @theflavourstyle

Situated at the peak of Saulire between Meribel and (Meribel’s flashier cousin), Courchevel, Le Panoramic makes an excellent special occasion option. This place does what it says on the tin, offering (in my humble opinion) the best panoramic view of the Three Valleys on the mountain. With easy access for non-skiers, Le Panoramic can be reached by taking the Saulire Express from the Chaudanne in Meribel. 

Don’t be fooled, though, because views aren’t all Le Panoramic has going for it. While the sight of the Three Valleys sprawling out beneath you certainly makes for an excellent photo-op, there’s something really special about huddling inside this traditional cabin on a whiteout day for a chocolat chaud ‘avec Baileys’ and a hearty French meal. Their staff never fail to finish-off your visit with a complimentary shot of génépi and their delicious, traditional menu can’t be beaten.

The charming surroundings of Meribel, together with a wide choice of accommodation and a world-class ski area, produce something very special. Give us a call on 0208 939 0862 or enquire online to find out more about booking a break in Meribel.

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