The future of ski and snowboard films?

Ski and snowboard movies are quickly turning into cinematic blockbusters, depicting out of this world tricks, shots and lines the vast majority of us can barely dream of achieving. Filmed from drones and wide angled cameras, it doesn't even feel like you are with them. You're not there in the movie and you can't possibly achieve what they're doing. I find myself increasingly distanced. Some of the not-so-new fascination with Go Pro holds my attention more. I recently read Whitelines article 'Who Needs 4K? Why the future of snowboard films is lo-fi' and I was completely sold, I agree to borrow a phrase Will Sleigh uses

These mega productions completely miss what makes snowboarding so fun
Will Sleigh


Why do we go snowboarding? Well, because we love it. And film needs to show this. Which is why if you watch just one ski/snowboard film this year, I implore you to let it be GLUE. A movie that makes you feel like you’re riding with them in parts. Often filmed alongside the riders I found myself thinking I was going to hit them at points. With a very classy soundtrack, a mix between the high priestess of soul, Matilda and sophisticated Mario.

The opening credits are a little arty so skip to 1:50ish if you don't fancy them. From there on in it's a whole lot of fun and I think you'll like it. They may still be doing fancy tricks but it just feels a little more exciting.

The whole thing will only take up 19 minutes of your day, and my favourite scene is the minute from 6:48. The Japan scenes are pretty great too. So that's most the movie covered. Anyway, enjoy.

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