For us, time is currency

Your time matters. It matters a great deal. You use your time to meet mates down the pub, head to yoga classes in the park and to sit quietly reading the newspaper on a Sunday morning with a cup of tea. You spend so much time working that your time off can't feel like time wasted...

At flexiski we create ski holidays just for you. We've been all over the Alps, all over the world, trying to find the ski break destinations you'll love. We put the time in so you don't have to. Our carefully curated offering of top-drawer ski resorts and quality accommodation takes the guesswork out of your next ski holiday.

Here, time is currency. Forget the ski industry standard of 7 night, Saturday to Saturday skiing.  We believe in skiing on your terms; wherever you want to fly from, however long you want to go for, we’ll get you to the mountains in the quickest, easiest and most convenient way available.

The bottom line is that you should demand a lot from your time. Make sure it's well spent with a ski holiday built to make the best possible use of your days off. Give us a call on 01962 587777 if you have any questions, want specific prices or are looking to book a ski break - our ski specialists will be more than happy to help.

Take a look at our short breaks & ski weekends page for more info.

The team

Some of us have only been skiing for a few years, others since they could walk, but we're all driven by a shared passion for the mountains. 

Meet The Team
Nick Product Manager Nick is our product manager and is passionate about finding the best hotels and destinations to satisfy the demands of Flexiskis' discerning clientele Contact us
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