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We're a close knit bunch in a small company so we can offer a very personal service. Combined, we've had more ski days than you can shake a stick at and we all love to get on the slopes to become big kids again. You never know, you may even catch us out there!

Pete Pete Purchasing & Operations Manager Resort encyclopaedia

During my time at flexiski, I have had some wonderful experiences and met some exceptional people (both staff and customers).

About Pete

In terms of the some of the more memorable times, these range from walking through the arrivals in full ski kit plus skis after getting dropped off by a helicopter transfer, straight from the piste, to enjoying a week of Michelin star dinning across the 3 Vallees. I have loved every minute of it and am so lucky to say that for some weeks of the winter, I have the best office in the world.

I used to be able to ski a bit but as abilities and bodies slow down, one thing that doesn’t change is the pure, unfiltered excitement and joy that comes from getting onto the first lift, feeling the ski’s flex on that first turn. It really does transport you back to an almost childlike sense of fun and enjoyment. I felt this from day one in Val d'Isere and am totally sure this will continue all the way through to my last day on the mountain. It is purely the best adventure you can have with friends and family and seeing people experience this for the first time really can't be equalled.

  • Years skiing: 15
  • Favourite resort: Bit of a cheat but 3 Vallées, it's just impressive
  • Lunch favourite: Sainsbury's Christmas Triple Sarnie
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James James Sales Team Leader Resident France fan

I've skied from a young age, originally learning in Chamonix before really finding my ski legs in Meribel - it's a great place to begin.

About James

A cardigan lover and purveyor of bargains, I would find my way to a good deal even if it meant braving King Minos' labyrinth.

As an avid piste skier you can't beat cranking up a decent daily mileage so I love a large ski area. Somewhere like the 3 Vallées is perfect for travelling for miles without having to repeat a slope.

  • Years skiing: 12
  • Favourite resort: Whistler
  • Favourite brand: H&M
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Peter Peter Ski Sales Specialist Whistler wonderkid

Former ski instructor turned sales specialist, yet still, ​my navigation through gladed tree runs often leaves me in a pickle.

About Peter

Really confident skier, always look for the more creative route down… (normally viewed as the most ridiculous route by those who follow my lead). When the snow isn’t so great, I just enjoy darting around on the piste. Failing all of that, if it’s a cloudy low light day, you can find me in Whistler Longhorn's eating my own weight in nachos. Absolutely no sharing.

  • Years skiing: 12
  • Favourite resort: Whistler
  • Favourite après: Espresso Martini
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Natasha Natasha Ski Sales Specialist Young gun

Youngest member of the team (which they don't let me forget). I'm not too shabby on the skis.

About Natasha

I first learnt to ski in Andorra at age 4 and have loved it ever since. I remember once getting my skis crossed so I sat down on them and began hurtling down the mountain, taking out a couple of people in the process. You may as well call me an assassin. I may be the youngest member of the team but i've been on skis longer than a lot of them!

  • Years skiing: 15
  • Favourite resort: Sun Peaks
  • Favourite après: G&T
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Easter in Obergurgl

With a town that sits at 2000m and reaching up to a peak of 3000m, finding some fresh late season snow is a regular occurrence in Obergurgl.

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Jenny Jenny Ski Sales Specialist Little Miss Bump

Growing up with mountains on your doorstep leans itself towards feeling rather comfortable strapped to a pair of skis. Overconfidence often backfires.

About Jenny

I was born in Switzerland and being so close to the mountains meant that I learnt to ski as soon as I started walking. This, however, hasn't prevented any breaking of bones. And it may be a surprise to some that whilst growing up in Greece I spent winter weekends skiing (yes, on snow). It's not all sunshine, beaches and smashing plates.

  • Years skiing: 20
  • Favourite resort: Zermatt
  • Favourite après: Hugo
Keisha Keisha Ski Specialist Aftersales Eye for detail

Having worked in the industry for years it's amazing really that I've never managed to get out on the slopes, hopefully this year.

About Keisha

Whilst strapping skis to my feet may not be my strongest skill, knowledge of short breaks certainly is. Even my dreams come in an organised fashion as if ploughing through a check list. Number crunching and detail checking is my bread and butter.

  • Years skiing: 0
  • Favourite resort: Having never skied it's hard to say a favourite
  • Favourite après: Malibu
Gail Gail Ski Specialist Aftersales Admin extraordinaire

Call me the not-very-often skier - i've been a few times and both have been loads of fun and memorable, but i'm still finding my legs!

About Gail

I love to take a photo or 100, so the scenery has always been a highlight for me along with the slopes. If there's après, I'm there! I enjoy talking to customers about their booking and sharing the excitement of booking a trip! It gets me thinking about where I need to go next and add to my list (which is very long already). I do love to fly and aviation is a passion of mine as I would love to learn to fly one day and tick a few places off that list!

  • Years skiing: 1
  • Favourite resort: Meribel
  • Favourite apres: Desperados
Cathy Cathy Trade Development Manager Ski industry veteran

I've loved skiing all my life and have worked in the ski industry for years. Now, I like to live vicariously through my seasonnaire daughter!

About Cathy

Love the country life in England, but nothing beats a bluebird day in resort.

I learnt to ski about 10 years ago and was immediately hooked!

  • Years skiing: 10
  • Favourite resort: Val d'Isere
  • Favourite apres: Toffee vodka
Mads Mads Brand & Digital Manager World traveller

I've been lucky enough to ski some incredible places in the last 2 years. I'm a massive sufferer of "the fear" but I've been giving it a good go!

About Mads

By some stroke of luck, I was sent to the Canadian Rockies within 3 months of joining flexiski. I spent most of the time completely baffled about how everyone managed to make it look so easy, when I could barely stand up on the flats - learning to ski in Sunshine Village at the ripe old age of 27 was certainly an experience i'll never forget.

I've been 4 times since and whilst i'm certainly no pro, I have finally started to enjoy it. I feel i'll always be better at après though.

  • Years skiing: 2
  • Favourite resort: Rusutsu, i've never been anywhere like it
  • Favourite après: Prosecco
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