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Q Which is the best choice between a hotel and a catered chalet? Click to reveal answer

This really depends on what kind of holiday you want. Chalets can be fantastic if you get a group of friends together to take the whole thing and equally if you want to meet some new people or generally just have a laugh. Hotels are a little more formal so if you are honeymooning or love your privacy maybe a hotel is for you, and they’re more likely to have a spa or pool for example. Which is best? That’s up to your preferences. We love both.

Q What’s the difference between staying in a hotel and catered chalet? Click to reveal answer

Scale is the biggest difference with chalet tending to be up to around 30 people and hotels can accommodate hundreds of people. And with this enlargement of scale you often find you get a reduced connection with the staff. Chalet are much more informal and you have plenty of time to chat with your hosts and get advice on the town and slopes.

The communal areas are a big difference as well. With chalets it tends to be one or two lounge areas where guests can relax and be sociable. Whereas hotels tend to have a few more facilities to enjoy or a bar as an informal way of socialising. To get the most out of a chalet you should put a little effort in, it’s definitely a social experience. And everyone has at least one thing in common – they love to ski.

So chalets are great for the social and can be great for beginners too with tips and invaluable advice from the staff and more experienced guests a like.

Hotels can offer a little more privacy and can have some fabulous restaurants and pools etc.

Each has exceptions and many overlapping features, if you still can’t make up your mind have a chat with one of our ski sales specialists on 0208 939 0867.

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