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Q When is my balance due? Click to reveal answer

The balance of your holiday is due 12 weeks before departure. If you book a getaway within 12 weeks, the full balance is required at time of booking.

Most credit cards are accepted including AMEX with a 1.5% charge for any of them. Debit cards or bank transfers are fee free.

Q Will I receive all of my documents in the post? Click to reveal answer

Flexiski is paperless so we don’t send anything in the post. It is all done electronically, so just check your emails!

Q I need to cancel my holiday. What do I do? Click to reveal answer

Should you or any member(s) of the party need to cancel your holiday, the lead passenger on the booking form must inform us in writing immediately. Please refer to our booking terms and conditions for details of our cancellation charges.

Q I’ve booked my own flights, can you provide accommodation and transfers? Click to reveal answer

Yes, we can. We can’t book transfers on there own but if you’re booking accommodation we can help with anything else from transfers to tea parties.

Check out our resorts with the shortest transfers for some ideas.

Q I have my own ski equipment, how much does airline ski carriage cost? Click to reveal answer

Ski carriage prices varies greatly. Swiss Air for example let you take skis for free, as does Air Canada. Others can be a little more expensive normally around £30 each way for Europe and getting more expensive for long haul destinations where in reality it’s easier to rent (take your boots and rent the newest boards or skis).

Q Why does it cost more to go for a 3 or 4 days than a week? Click to reveal answer

This is down to our tailor made nature. We may be able to find a last minute deal or take advantage of early booking deals but we make the holiday for your requirements. Large tour operators buy in bulk, use chartered flights and mass transfers whereas we buy when you book, get the flights convenient to you and use private or smaller shared transfers. It’s more personal and more often-than-not ends up being a little more expensive.

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