Introducing The Piste X Safety Code

The Piste X Code is a new safety campaign, launched out of Morzine, attempting to bring awareness to the dangers around skiing and how to improve ski safety on the slopes.

Piste X Code

There's nothing worse than having a great day on the slopes ruined by an out-of-control skier or snowboarder flying past too close or potentially even colliding with you. It seems that in recent years snow-sports enthusiasts have been taking more risks, riding with too much speed, and not giving enough respect to other skiers around them. What’s more worrying is that this lack of respect towards other riders extends to beginners and children – often travelling down the piste at far slower speeds.

Skiing offers an incredibly fun way to explore the mountain, challenge your skills and have great experiences with friends and family. It’s important, however, to remember snow-sports also pose a lot of dangers to those who don’t take the proper precautions. There are already a number of safety practices which skiers should try to abide by, but they’re often seen as more of a guideline than actual 'rules’ of the mountain. This is where the new Piste X Safety Code is trying to step in.

Piste X Code is a campaign created by two parents living in the ski resort of Morzine, following recent tragedies on the slopes, and includes a list of eight ways you can keep yourself and others safe on the mountain. The aim of the campaign is to try and reduce the number of accidents occurring in ski resorts. Initially launched in the resorts of Morzine, Avoriaz and Les Gets, the campaign’s reach is attempting to spread across all European ski areas and beyond.

The Piste X Code is a new bilingual campaign to remind mountain-goers of the principles of safe on-piste skiing and snowboarding. Coming to the mountains with family and friends creates fantastic memories, from those first turns to skiing together as a family. However, sometimes things do go wrong on the slopes. Often, these accidents are entirely avoidable, and the responsibility is on the skier to take necessary care and caution to try and prevent these incidents, especially on beginner and busier slopes.

Louise Paley, co-Founder of the Piste X Code, has this to say about the current state of affairs: “Many skiers and snowboarders have spent almost two years away from the mountains, it’s exciting to return to the thrills of downhill skiing or snowboarding. However, in resorts across the Alps, it’s been observed that people are taking more risks, they’re descending at far greater speeds and being less respectful of other mountain users. We’ve seen some tragic accidents already this season and this cannot continue.”

The Piste X Safety Code outlines 8 rules that attempt to keep yourself, and those around you, as safe as possible on the mountain. Co-founder Amie Henderson states that “The Piste X Code isn’t just for beginners or children taking to the mountain for the first time. The Piste X Code is for everyone! It takes just minutes to re-educate yourself on the principles of safe on-piste skiing, showing respect for other mountain users and setting a great example to everyone else.”

The overall goal is to try and increase awareness of piste safety and to prevent unnecessary accidents which are presently occurring far too often. Local ski instructors in the Portes du Soleil area have already committed time to the Piste X campaign, offering their expertise and knowledge of the mountain codes. With funding support from businesses in the area, the campaign hopes to gain enough traction to really make a difference to skiers’ safety, all over the world.

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