Where To Eat In Kitzbuhel

Discover the best Kitzbuhel restaurants both on and off the slopes to help you make the most of your ski weekend.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely lunch on a sunny slopeside terrace or traditional Austrian fare in a cosy cabin, we’ve got you covered. Perhaps the thing that most defines a ski holiday - aside from the obvious winter sports element - is the food. Kitzbuhel restaurants are certainly plentiful, so we’re rounding up the best and brightest dining options around town, so you won’t be left feeling hangry or hopeless during your stay. We know just how important it is to get the most out of your time on the mountains, especially on short ski weekends, and these impressive restaurants in Kitzbuhel are sure to leave you satisfied. 

1. Gourmetrestaurant Kupferstube

Traditional yet tastefully decorated interiors and an accomplished, Michelin star menu make Gourmetrestaurant Kupferstube a firm favourite for special occasion meals. This place has long been listed as one of Austria’s top restaurants and it certainly won’t disappoint those looking for gourmet food and a romantic atmosphere. The food at Gourmetrestaurant Kupferstube certainly doesn’t come cheap however, with menus ranging from €95-250 a head. 

While the food here does get notable mention, we’d really say a visit was best reserved for special occasions. Out of all the restaurants in Kitzbuhel, this is the one we’d pick for an anniversary or birthday celebration. Gourmetrestaurant Kupferstube is sat slightly away from the centre of town beside the Hornbahn I gondola, and you’ll find it inside the Tennerhof Gourmet & Spa de Charme Hotel. 

Griesenauweg, 6370 Kitzbühel, Austria

2. Huberbrau Stuberl

This place provides a stark contrast to our previous entry, championing a down to earth approach to both interior design and food presentation. However, when it comes to Kitzbuhel restaurants, we can’t stop coming back. This place is a classic Austrian joint, right down to the chef’s penchant for topping each dish with a garnish of finely chopped chives. 

With a broad range of meats and game on the menu and a variety of hearty Austrian specialties to choose from, you’re sure to leave with a full belly and a smile on your face. One word of warning though, this restaurant can get very busy during high season and it’s not possible to book tables, so those unwilling to queue might need to look elsewhere. Located very centrally, you’re just a hop, skip and a jump (or a five minute walk) away from Huberbrau Stuberl if you’re coming from the Hahnenkammbahn.

Vorderstadt 18, 6370 Kitzbuhel, Austria


Decked out with animal print chairs and lime green accents, this bar-cum-restaurant features one of the best rooftops in Kitzbuhel. If you’ve had your fill of wiener schnitzel and you’re looking for something a little less traditional, head to KITZnBAR. Here, you’ll find a more casual dining vibe, where this restaurant’s star offering is their homemade sushi. Head here for a lively après ski atmosphere and opt to share a bottle of chilled rosé on the terrace, paired perfectly with an impressive sushi platter. You’ll find KITZnBAR in the centre of Kitzbuhel, just five minutes walk from the Hahnenkammbahn cable car.

Vorderstadt 17, 6370 Kitzbuhel, Austria

4. Restaurant Schwedenkapelle

This restaurant is another local favourite, but to reach Restaurant Schwedenkapelle you’ll need to take a 10-minute taxi from Kitzbuhel down the road to neighbouring Klausen. Alternatively, if you’re coming straight from your ski day for lunch or après ski, you can reach Klausen via the Fleck run. Friendly staff and a wide selection of Austrian favourites make this a solid Kitzbuhel restaurant choice. Their sommelier, Markus, is extremely knowledgeable and will be more than happy to put together a wine pairing for you at a reasonable price. Live jazz music is a regular feature, lifting the atmosphere considerably during the evening service.

Klausenbach 67, 6370 Kitzbuhel, Austria

Gourmetrestaurant Kupferstube 📷: @nakarmiona

Gourmetrestaurant Kupferstube 📷: @nakarmiona

5. Centro

As its name suggests, Centro is located in the heart of Kitzbuhel, sat almost equidistantly between each of the town’s ski lifts. Centro provides an excellent vantage point for a spot of people watching, with large windows and outdoor seating. This popular Italian joint features two distinct bar and restaurant areas, both decorated simply in a contemporary style.

A friendly, relaxed atmosphere and a menu of perfectly cooked Italian favourites make Centro a popular Kitzbuhel restaurant choice. We’d recommend trying the Spaghetti con Scampi or just about any of the stone-baked pizzas. One thing worth bearing in mind here though, is that if you’re heading to Centro for lunch or après you’ll be limited to the pizza and snacks menu. If you’re not in the mood for pizza, their dinner service kicks off at 6pm and this is where you’ll be able to make the most of a full menu. You’ll also need to be prepared to wait as Centro don’t take bookings and can get quite busy.

Vorderstadt 12, 6370 Kitzbuhel, Austria

6. Lois Stern Restaurant Kitzbuhel

Featuring a carefully curated Asian fusion menu, Lois Stern is an excellent choice for anyone who’s had their fill of heavy, Austrian carb and meat combos. The food here is anything but stodgy, with a menu featuring wok-cooked stir fries, fresh sashimi, delicate tempura, and fragrant Thai-inspired soups. Lois Stern is headed up by its namesake, and you’ll even be able to watch Lois at work in the open kitchen as he plates up your chosen dish.

The staff are all extremely well-trained, with each member of the Lois Stern team brimming with confidence in their menu suggestions and calm demeanors. Even Lois himself never appears even the slightest bit fazed by the heat of the wok or the pressure of a busy service. We’d recommend booking early to ensure a table, however don’t knock the bar seats until you’ve tried them - you’ll find the prime view of the open kitchen completely mesmerising.

Josef-Pirchl-Straße 3, 6370 Kitzbuhel, Austria

7. 1st Lobster

Quirky decor and generous portions characterise 1st Lobster, a restaurant unlike anywhere else in Kitzbuhel. The atmosphere is provided here in part due to the eclectic decor and in part by the accommodating staff members. While it might strike some as unusual to be eating Maine lobster in a ski resort in Western Austria, 1st Lobster seem to have got the logistics down by means of a ‘self-import from the American east coast’. The lobster certainly steals the show here, but seafood sceptics can opt for the hot stone beef fillet which is also very high quality. It’s best to book here, as tables are hard to come by last minute and bar seats are somewhat limited. 

Im Gries 6, 6370 Kitzbuhel, Austria

8. Cuisino Casino Restaurant Kitzbuhel

Look past the velvet-clad furniture, ambiguously Middle Eastern interiors and variously coloured LED light fittings and you’ll find a hidden gem, conveniently located in the very centre of Kitzbuhel. While we might sound scathing here, we really are impressed with Cuisino Casino’s culinary offerings. Serving what we would term ‘modern Austrian cuisine’ alongside a mouthwatering steak selection, this restaurant certainly delivers when it comes to fine dining. Self-titled as the restaurant serving the ‘best steak in town’ we’d probably have to agree with them. Come for the food and you’ll be keen to return before the week is over.

Hinterstadt 24, 6370 Kitzbuhel, Austria

Kitzbuhel restaurants Centro Cafe Bar pizza and spritz

Centro 📷: @nelecn

9. Hochkitzbuhel

For those of you looking for an on-piste lunch spot, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Hochkitzbuhel, located at the top of the Hahnenkammbahn cable car. Featuring access for walkers and beautiful views of the Kitzbuhel Alps, Hochkitzbuhel is a great option for groups meeting non-skiers for lunch on the mountain. Yes, the prices are high, but if we’re being honest they’re nothing out of the ordinary, and if you’re willing to pay a slight premium for the view you’ll be more than satisfied here. Booking is recommended and we’d strongly suggest taking the time out of your ski day to enjoy a few cold beers with a view.

Bergstation Hahnenkammbahn, Hahnenkamm 1, 6370 Kitzbühel, Austria

10. Gasthof Hagstein

Another excellent slopeside Kitzbuhel restaurant, this traditional mountain hut is family run, and their dedication to good service doesn’t go unnoticed. Five generations of ownership by the Zehentner family have paid off, and they’re sure to dish up their traditional Austrian fare with a smile. High quality ingredients, generous portions, and a simple but effective menu add up to a memorable dining experience. You’ll find Gasthof Hagstein opposite the Hahnenkamm, on the sunny side of the valley. With a choice of indoor and outdoor seating, you’ll be able to make the most of the mountain views on bluebird days whilst enjoying a glass of homemade apple schnapps.

Hagsteinweg 95, 6370 Kitzbühel, Austria

Kitzbuhel Restaurants Hochkitzbühel outdoor terrace mountain view dining

Hochkitzbuhel 📷: @kullyalexx

The charming surroundings of Kitzbuhel, together with a wide choice of accommodation and a world-class ski area, produce something very special. Give us a call on 01962 587777 or enquire online to find out more about booking a break in Kitzbuhel.

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