Why You Should Book A Ski Break In January

We’re sharing our top 10 reasons why you should be booking a ski break in January 2020

The stale Nordman Fir previously occupying pride of place in your living room has been dismantled, your novelty Christmas jumpers have been packed away… That’s right, the month of January has arrived in all its chastened glory. 

We’re sure it can’t just be us who feel the January blues more acutely than most. Luckily though, we have a sure-fire solution to help drive away any new year dread and start your 2020 with a sprinkling of snow. Here’s why we think booking a short ski break or ski weekend in January is the perfect antidote to those post-Christmas blues.

1. Make the most of the empty pistes

Skiing in January brings all sorts of pleasant surprises, not least the absence of lift queues. The hoards of holiday-makers who descended on your favourite resort in December have packed up and left and the pistes have never looked so clear. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as getting straight on a chair lift and whizzing down a slope that’s completely and utterly silent. Try Andermatt for epic empty piste conditions.

2. Extend the festivities

Come January we’re frequently told that it’s time to leave the December indulgences behind us. Mulled wine and mince pies are replaced with salads, sit-ups and alcohol-free lagers. January is quite possibly the bleakest month of the year, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of solemnly ushering in a new age of guilt and virtuosity why not extend the festivities with a weekend jaunt out to the slopes? There’s no need to start atoning for your December sins just yet. Head to France to indulge in all the cheese-based ski food you could dream of. 

3. Enjoy snow-sure conditions 

December skiing is always a bit of a gamble. While conditions are looking good in Europe for 2019, that’s certainly not always the case. We’ve certainly experienced the crushing disappointment of a December ski trip falling flat where snow conditions just haven’t co-operated. January however, provides a different story. The snow has well and truly had a chance to settle and regular flurries of snow mean plenty of fresh powder. Combine that with the relatively empty pistes and you’ve got a real winner. Give Val Thorens a go if you can't help but worry about snowfall.

les arcs empty almost empty slope why book a ski break in january

4. Low prices

One of the main upsides of January skiing is the golden opportunity it provides for bargain hunters. The Christmas and New Year price boom is well and truly over so it’s time to take advantage of cut-price January deals. January ski weekend deals provide excellent value, so there’s really no excuse not to make the most of them. Chamonix is a good bet for low prices and strong availability. 

5. Kick your year off the right way

A ski trip in January will set yourself up for an awesome 2020. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s even a new decade, so you might as well do things properly. The spirit of the roaring 20s is alive and well in the mountains and it’s time to join the party. A January ski trip is sure to set you up nicely for a year filled with happy memories. Head to St Anton for plenty of après ski fun. 

6. Explore outdoors

The UK in January is really not the best place to be for those of you who enjoy embracing nature. Now the twinkling lights of December have been switched off you’ll likely feel the negative effects of a 5pm sunset much more acutely this side of the new year. Escape from bleak January conditions and explore the great outdoors on a ski trip that combines fresh mountain air and plenty of vigorous exercise. Why not head a little further afield and explore the wild surroundings of Canada?

les arcs sledging luge adult and child

7. Give yourself a chance to make the most of the ski season

The winter ski season provides a short but sweet opportunity to get your fix of powder and piste and we know you want to make the most of it. Planning a ski trip in January will ensure you’ve got plenty of time until the lifts stop rolling come April to squeeze in another short ski break. Plan a break in La Clusaz to get from plane to piste in no time at all.

8. Escape those post-Christmas regrets

A ski trip in January is the perfect escape from the trail of awkwardness you might have left carelessly behind you in December. Embarrassed yourself at the work Christmas party after one too many glasses of prosecco? Offended your in-laws during a particularly heated Christmas Day game of Articulate? The only sensible solution is to run away from your problems. Whoever you rubbed up the wrong way will probably have forgotten all about it by the time you return. You could even patch things up with a peace offering of Mont d'Or or Glühwein. Mountain food really does make everything better... and Champery does a mean cheese fondue. 

9. Fulfill your New Year’s resolution

Every year we tell ourselves that things will be different. That, come January we will magically metamorphose into a more perfect version of ourselves. Getting out and exercising more might seem like a simple task but when the British weather is bringing nothing but downpours and frost leaving your warm house to brave the elements is easier said than done. Head to Meribel for access to 600km of piste on your doorstep.

les arcs skier in powder ski break in january

10. Unwind after the festive season

We all know how stressful the December festivities can be. Tears and tantrums over how to cook the Christmas turkey and which of your relatives has to sleep on the sofa bed are all too common. That’s why, come January, it’s time to take a moment for yourself and stop stressing yourself out over guest rooms and menu choices. It’s all over now and it’s time to kick back with a luxurious ski break. We’d recommend opting for accommodation complete with a large spa and room service. Norefjell is particularly fantastic when it comes to ski and spa breaks. 

Looking to book in January but not sure where to go? Just fill out our enquiry form or give us a call on 01962 587777 to speak to one of our resident ski experts. We've got the knowledge to recommend the best places to stay in January so you don't have to spend hours researching resorts.

norefjell ski and spa ski breaks in january
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