Our Top 5 Runs In Courchevel

Courchevel is one of those ski resorts that has something for everyone. You could be a complete beginner or a master of the slopes, there are loads to choose from so coming up with a list of the best runs is no easy feat when each of the pistes is amazing. We decided to keep the list to pisted runs in order to narrow down the selection to choose from.

Our team have had to ski A LOT to make sure they picked the ‘crème de la crème’ of pistes but despite this ‘hardship’, we’ve narrowed the list down to our top 5 runs in (and around) Courchevel... There's some in the wider Three Valleys ski area - it's all linked.


1. Suisse
Starting at the top of the Courchevel valley at 2600m, this black run is an absolute must for all those experienced skiers and boarders.  After a small descent along the Marmottes red run, a huge sweeping turn takes you onto the black Suisses piste and all the way down a fast-paced, exhilarating run that challenges even the best!  The final 30 metres of flatter terrain allows you to regain your breath and composure before jumping onto the Suisse chairlift and doing it all again.

2. Plan Fontaine
Plan Fontaine is a beautiful tree-lined green run from the Bouc-Blanc area of Courchevel that runs all the way down to La Tania.  Starting off at the top of the new Foret chairlift (which comes up from La Praz), follow the blue Arolles run onto Plan Fontaine. This long, winding run is nice and easy and takes the scenic route, offering picturesque views across the Courchevel valley.

3. Pic Bleu
As the name suggests, Pic Bleu is a fantastic blue run for all those intermediate skiers looking to push themselves a bit further or the more advanced who want something fast-paced without hitting a black run.  Pic Bleu starts off at the top of the Col de la Loze run (up the Chenus lift) and drops into the Meribel valley and at the end, you can either get back on the lift or continue on further past the Altiport and into Meribel Village.

4. Pyramides/Lac Ariondaz
A firm favourite of ours, this long and open blue run starts at the top of the 1650 valley with some rollers then opens out into a wide piste perfect for any ability.  The views looking over into 1850 are incredible, and half way down you can stop off at Restaurant Bel-Air, sit on the sunny terrace and take in even more wonderful views before taking your pick of the numerous runs heading down into 1650 itself.


5. Jerusalem
This run is at the top of the list for both guests & staff.  Whilst not within Courchevel, Jerusalem is an absolute gem of a slope and should be tackled by all intermediate and advanced skiers.  Head over to Meribel and up the other side on the Plan de l’Homme lift where you’ll need to make your way to the Cherferie lift. Starting off at the top of the lift, Jerusalem is a huge, wide, sweeping red run with fast-paced rollers and hills allowing you to practice those big carving turns before narrowing off to finish this exhilarating experience!

Whilst only a small list of some of our favourites, Courchevel and the rest of the Three Valleys is the most expansive ski area in the world and offers a variety of skiing for all! 

We thoroughly recommend you come and check it all out for yourself. Courchevel is arguably (not in our eyes) the best valley for all-round skiing. You'll find an unrivalled selection of cruisy through to hair-raisingly-steep black runs to challenge the most daring of skiers. 

the best pistes in courchevel-freshly groomed piste
Courchevel ski weekends lift cables view of town sunset
Courchevel ski weekends snowy chalets in the trees
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