Myrkdalen and Flam ski and fjord experience

1 hr from Myrkdalen transfer time

Pronounced 'Flom'

Around an hour from Myrkdalen, Flam offers a unique opportunity to combine Fjord exploration and stunning rail journeys with our favourite winter pastime - skiing. Check out our Norway ski and fjord experience itinerary for more information.

Visiting Flam in the serene winter months is a far cry from the crowds of the summer. You wouldn't believe this is one of Norway's top three summer tourist destinations. During the winter Flam is quiet and peaceful you feel like you are in the midst of the wilderness. The stark contrast between the seasons is amazing and it's not just the people. During the winter the snow comes down to the fjords blanketing the dramatic cliffs and at times freezing over the fjords surface so you can break through the ice on a RIB or cruise boat, even the waterfalls feeding the fjords with fresh water from the glaciers are frozen creating sparkling ice sculptures. The fjords around Flam are some of the most dramatic in the whole of Norway, you're in Fjord Norway. Lonely Planet described them as one of "the most impressive landscapes on the planet".

The village of Flam sits on the banks of the Aurlandsfjord surrounded by steep mountains and a frozen landscape. The village acts as a starting point to explore the numerous fjord branches in the area - some of the most dramatic fjords are within reach of Flam including, Naeroyfjord, Lysefjord, Geirangerfjord, Aurlandsfjord and Sognefjord.

Another huge draw is the Flam Railway rising from sea level to 867m in under an hour, travelling through 20 tunnels that spiral in and out of the mountain. You'll pass frozen waterfalls, soaring mountains and stunning vistas on one of the steepest railways in Europe. The train culminates in Myrdal from where you can easily catch a train to Bergen or Oslo so it's a perfect end-of-trip experience.

What we like about Flam

- Being immersed in 'wild Norway' it's quiet, serene and downright beautiful
- Exploring the fjords carved by glacial cycles over a 2.5 million year period, you feel like a drop of water in the ocean
- The views, Stegastein Viewpoint is the big daddy of panoramas but there are simply too many great vantage points to visit
- Easy to tie into a ski break in Myrkdalen with our Norway ski and fjord exploration experience

Worth knowing

- You can reach Flam on the bus from Myrkdalen or by rail from Geilo, alternatively, you could catch the ferry here from Gudvangen or further afield
- This is not a ski resort - though there is a mountain lodge accessible to ski tourers if you are looking for a little more adventure
- There are special event thrown from time to time such as the New Year midnight fjord cruise - worth looking out for

Accommodation in Flam

Flam is a small village so nowhere is particularly far out. Both our hotels overlook the fjord at opposite ends of the village. One is Norse inspired and the other a nineteenth-century manor house. Both within easy walking distance to the train station and fjord cruise departure point.

Map List
3* Flamsbrygga Hotel
3* Flamsbrygga Hotel

Right on the water, the Flamsbrygga Hotel has fantastic views of the fjord and surrounding mountains. Complete with Viking inspired micro-brewery.

  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Terrace
  • Fireplace
  • Wifi
  • Car parking
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4* Fretheim Hotel
4* Fretheim Hotel

A historical hotel overlooking the Aurlandsfjord, the Fretheim Hotel has fantastic views over the water and surrounding mountains in a quiet location.

  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Terrace
  • Fireplace
  • Wifi
  • Car parking
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Top experiences in Flam:

Norway ski and fjord experience

The Flam Railway

One of Norway's major and most spectacular tourist attractions. Built at one of the steepest gradients in Europe the railway snakes it's way up from Flam. Up the fjord's cliffs on narrow mountain paths through a total of 20 tunnels that spiral in and out of the rock face.

The tunnels were hand dug from 1923 to 1940 when the railway officially opened, raising 867 metres from sea level 20km up to Myrdal taking roughly 40 minutes. You'll pass some spectacular views and frozen waterfalls, you could ride the train up and down all day without getting tired of the scenery.

The train terminates in Myrdal from where you can go back down to Flam or onwards to Bergen or Oslo.

Fjord Cruise

In Western Norway, Flam is in the middle of Fjord Norway, home to some of the most dramatic and best known fjords in the country. Many of the most striking fjords are in fact branches off the major inlets from the sea.

In case you were wondering, fjords were created by massive glaciation going below sea level over a period of around 2.5 million years. The glacial cycles carved the U shaped fjords out of the rock. Essentially the fjords were shaped by glaciers (or ice if you prefer). There are over 1,000 fjords in Norway.

Some of the most dramatic fjords are within reach of Flam including, Naeroyfjord, Lysefjord, Geirangerfjord, Aurlandsfjord and Sognefjord. All are linked by water so you can cruise to them by boat.

Fjord safari (RIB boat)

Similar to the Fjord cruises in the sense that you will be exploring the same choice of fjords, the safari experience differs in the fact that you are in a much smaller RIB (rigid inflatable boat) so can get up close and personal with what the fjord has to offer.

You'll be able to get within close range of much of the wildlife here such as seals, porpoises and eagles. And you can also opt for specific experiences such a cheese tasting or a safari dinner.

If you're particularly lucky you may even spot an Orca whale.

Segastein viewpoint

The Segastein viewpoint is simply unmissable, or rather you'll have massively missed out if you don't take a look. 650 metres above the fjord the viewpoint juts 30 metres out from the mountainside and from its edge, you have unparalleled panoramic views. You won't find a better view of the Fjords and surrounding landscapes.

From Flam, you can book a sightseeing tour to the Segastein viewpoint which takes care of your transport to and from the viewpoint, it's the easiest way to take in the vistas.

Viking village Njardarheimr

The Njardarheimr Viking village is in Gudvangen on the Naeroyfjord. I lot of very Norwegian sounding place names thrown in there. But pronunciation aside, the Viking village is an authentic place adopting the practices from 1,000 years ago. The people who live here really do live this lifestyle, so its more than just acting. 

To give a little history Gudvangen (where the village is) was an important place for trading during the Viking age. The Fjord the village is in, Naeroyfjord is named as 'the place of the gods' dedicated to the god Njord, fittingly the god of trading and sailing.

Pete General Manager "Flåm is all about the fjords and Norwegian heritage. The sheer scale and history of the landscape is simply immense." View Pete's profile
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